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Watercolor Stain Transparent

Mindful Art and


Ages 16-21

Paint therapy for managing anxiety

No art experience required

"We can find inspiration in nature by reconnecting ourselves back to the natural environment" 
- CBT Creative Play

This group combines mindfulness principles with the process of making art therapeutically, whilst drawing inspiration from nature. The focus is on shifting our attention to promote a sense of immersion, flow, calmness and being fully present in the moment. The emphasis is on paying attention to what's happening in the body during the art making process, rather than the end product.

Goals of the group:

  • Learning to use art for self-expression and self care

  • Learning about mindfulness principles and incorporating them into the art making process

  • Learning to let go of perfectionism and to embrace uncertainty

  • Developing coping skills to manage stress that can be used in everyday life

Program includes:

  • 4 group sessions (90 minutes per session)

    • 20-minute intake appointment arranged following program registration (remote appointment)

    • 20-minute feedback at program end to participants 

    • All program materials

  • Limit of 5 participants per group session (minimum of 3 participants required to run group)


Indoor or outdoor session to be determined


  • $120 per session ($480 for 4-week program)

May be fully or partially covered under your extended health benefits plan. Please check with your insurance provider regarding your family coverage to see a registered social worker


Have a great day! We'll be in touch soon :)

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