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Frequently Asked Questions

logo for CBT creative play showing a drawing of brain in confusion with paper airplane finding a way out of the chaos


Are your services covered by insurance?

Many of our services are covered by extended health benefits or insurance plans. Please check with your provider to see if a registered social worker is covered under your plan. A receipt will be issued at the end of the individual or group session which can be used for reimbursement from your insurance company and for income tax purposes.


Please note that counselling services provided by registered social workers are recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency. This can be claimed as a medical expense when you file your income tax return.


What other treatment approaches does CBT Creative Play offer?

Our treatment approach combines CBT, with a blend of mindfulness, and dialectical behaviour therapy interventions that can be tailored to individual and group programs. 


What happens when CBT is combined with art and play?

We encourage all ages to expand their range of creative play in life. Play can feel silly, unproductive and time consuming but that’s precisely the point! It serves the purpose of helping the body relax, shift the mindset, and rewire the brain for cognitive growth and improved mental well-being.


Combining CBT with play provides more meaningful experiential learning for our clients. This leads to improved awareness, retention and application of mental health strategies learnt to be used in their everyday lives.


Do you offer remote therapy ?

Yes, we currently provide 1:1 remote therapy using a secure platform for clients aged 16 and up.


What types of payment do you accept?

At this time, payment is by e-transfer only. Payment is required before the start of an individual or group program.


What is the refund policy?

More than 14 days prior to class commencement date:

90% refund granted with written notice


Less than 14 days prior to class commencement date:

50% refund granted with written notice


Less than 7 days prior to commencement date:

25% refund granted with written notice 

No refund granted after first class commencement date; however, a credit can be provided and applied to be used for another program date.

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